Our Mission

Our mission at SafeOps is to bridge the knowledge and training gap between the official CDC guidelines for safely operating a small service industry business through comprehensive training for business owners, staff and management.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and they, like most businesses, have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Small businesses struggle to find the resources to effectively implement many of the infection mitigation strategies large corporations use to maintain the safety of their customers, employees, and the community at large. This is especially true for small businesses in the service industry, like restaurants, bars, convenience stores, independent hotels/motels and tourism companies.

Many of these types of businesses are also prime locations for virus transmission. Failure of these businesses to implement more than just the bare minimum of infection mitigation measures poses a threat to both local public health and local economies.

SafeOps will provide an online platform to provide training to small business owners, management and staff tailored to the type of business.

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SafeOps training offers:

1. A thorough explanation, in layman’s terms, of the CDC guidelines as they apply to the clients specific business type and why they are important, not just for public health, but for the fiscal health of the small business as well

2. Detailed training, intended for business managers and/or owners, on how to properly implement the CDCs recommendations, tailored to the specific small business based on business type, number of employees, hours of operation, building capacity, etc.

3. Creation of a draft Infection Mitigation Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the specific business.

This document will be designed as the go-to reference for what the small business should be doing to reduce the chances of infection being spread among employees or between employees and customers. It will also provide guidance for the staff in the event an employee or customer tests positive or becomes ill.

Many small businesses are faced with the question, “one of my employees is reporting a fever, what do I do now?”. This SOP will aim to answer that question and take the guesswork out of situational business management.

4. Online training for employees of small businesses tailored to the specific tasks and work environments of different types of employees. This will be an explanation to employees of what complying with CDC guidelines means in terms of how they perform their duties and interact with coworkers and customers day in and day out.

5. In addition to training, SafeOps offers a business consulting service for clients that desire an even more customized, hands on training.

Participants in SafeOps Infection Mitigation Training will receive a certificate upon completion of the course and businesses will be given a placard indicating the completion of SafeOps training by their ownership, management, and staff to reassure their customers of their commitment to healthy and safe operations.

Our goal at SafeOps is for small businesses to think of us as their partner in navigating these tumultuous and unprecedented times. SafeOps is here to help.

We aim to relieve them of the worry and burden of having to determine how they are going to keep their businesses safe and open, so they can focus on their primary goal, providing the best customer service possible.

We also feel the current crisis will change the way businesses need to operate long after this pandemic subsides and the gap in resources, knowledge, and training between small businesses and large corporations will only continue to widen.

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